a bag conceals // a bag reveals / 03-10 August 2015

A bag is definitely not an ordinary object. It is the ego's primordial and eternal companion that keeps secrets in its magnificent ambient, but reveals the identity and the hidden power of the owner at the same time.A small piece of art over time, a personal choice, a vital necessity you must see.a bag conceals // a bag reveals exhibition offers an opportunity to learn how many different aspects and forms a textile bag can have.

List of participants in the exhibition  "a bag conceals // a bag reveals" 
We have the pleasure to confirm the participation of the following artists at the exhibition "a bag conceals // a bag reveals" organized by Textile Arts Factory.

Alev Oskay (Turkey)
Anna Bonarou (Greece)
Ceyda Oskay (Turkey)
Ifigenia Kotitsa (Greece)
Jana Charl (United States)
Jeannette von Itter (Germany)
Katerina Velliou (Greece)
Kate Hampel (Unites States)
Keil Barbour (Australia)
Lisa Hagström (Sweden)
Lucia de suñer (Spain)
Marios Teriade Eleftheriadis (Greece/ France)
Nataliya Darmancheva (Bulgaria)
Vintage Greek Artists (Greece)

Photos from the exhibition 

bag exhibition