"messing with yarn" / Knitting, Crocheting & Lace Exhibition

For quite long time knitting, crocheting and lace viewed as the trite hobby of grandmothers. Nowadays, they have evolved into a highly versatile contemporary art form. Moreover, if someone goes back to art history in the early 20th century the Arts and Crafts movement asserted the handmade pieces as artworks considered equal as painting and sculpture, an argument that has continued until now. It’s time then for an exhibition featuring the contemporaneity of craft.

"messing with yarn" was an international event which aimed to showcase some of the world’s most fascinating hangable/usable/wearable yarn creations, such as clothing and wearable knit projects, accessories, home decorative items, fine art pieces etc. 

Participating artists _ Ali Holloway / Αli pate / Anahita Younesi / Anna Astapova / Anna Matejcek / Ayanna Proctor / Brooke Marks-Swanson / Canan Erdönmez / Ceyda (Jeyda) Oskay / Eero Tiittula /  /Heather Schulte / Jeannette von Itter / Laurin Guthrie / Leslie Robison / Lily Lee / Liz Ensz / Mujgan Emre Eroglu / Mustafa Kula / Nesem Ertan Ayata / Paulina Constancia / Pelin Demirtas Dikmen / Piotr Pandyra / Sam Lane / Tenee' Hart / Trey Gehring / Wendy Kawabata _ Curation: Vasiliki Asaroglou.

Photos from the exhibition